Here are some of my business and marketing pamphlets, objectives and other works.

Business & Marketing

CHRIS Kids Grant Proposal

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...CHRIS Kids proposes to train these youth in good decision-making skills in the absence of home instruction...

Skills: Grant Writing, Document Preparation, Content Creation, Research, Business Writing

This is a grant proposal that I created with a partner.  This was a class assignment that we wrote as though we were writing on behalf of the non-profit, CHRIS Kids. It was a response to a real RFP.  My role in this was to write the introduction, statement of need, and timeline.  I also created the week-by-week curriculum overview, research criteria, deliverables and qualifications.


A style guide is a document that many businesses have to reinforce their brand.  With the help of 2 other team members, we produced this style guide for a non-profit called Senior Tech.  The guide lays out protocol for logo use, colors, internal and external communication, fonts, taglines, texts, spacing, press, fax, e-mail and more.

Senior Tech Style Guide

Senior Tech uses four logos for its documents. The logos are used to differentiate documents by their departments and uses.

Skills: Technical Writing, Usability, Document Preparation, Research, Business Writing

For a Technical Communications class, we were assigned to work in groups to create a business proposal for a real non-profit.  I chose the one that I personally support: CHRIS Kids.  This was my PowerPoint presentation that I used to pitch my public relations skills and achieve the goals that CHRIS Kids were trying to achieve.  Giving presentations is one of my favorite things to do because I know how to read and motivate my audience.

CHRIS Kids Business Proposal

With my multi-faceted approach, giving and service will increase...

Skills: Presentations, Power Point, Rhetoric, Business Proposal Writing, Public Speaking

Marketing Objectives:Axe Shower Tool

In a marketing class, we were asked to research a product and it's target market and then come up with 3 marketing objectives as well as an idea of how to implement each.  I chose the Axe Shower Detailing Tool and these were my recommendations.

Skills: Marketing, Business Writing, Research, Analysis

The last advertising objective for the Axe brand is the transform consumption experience ad.

CHRIS Kids Planned Giving Guide

I designed this Planned Giving Guide as a class assignment.  I used CHRIS Kids, a non-profit child advocacy group, as my model business to design the brochure for.  This document would be used by a representative of the organization to walk donors through various ways that they might give to support the work of CHRIS Kids.

Skills: Document Design, Rhetoric, Research, Business Writing, Analysis

Without your charitable donations, CHRIS Kids could not survive.

Moreganizers Marketing Plan

I prepared a marketing analysis for my professional organizing company as part of a marketing class.  This piece demonstrates my analytical, document preparation, marketing and research skills.

Skills: Grant Writing, Document Preparation, Content Creation, Research, Business Writing

No longer will people be greeted at the door by a Martha Stewart wannabe who makes them feel sub-standard for being disorganized.

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