The ability to research and analyze are crucial for technical writing.  The following are samples of my work in this area.

& Analysis

I wrote this piece for a trade publication.  I researched a variety of new products to locate the ones that had an innovative twist.  I gathered the information and briefly described their features along with the basic purchasing facts and images to correlate with each product.

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Innovative Vibrations: Vibrator Round-Up

Skills: Research, Analysis, Sourcing, Technology, Technical Writing

What we have been seeing is a beautiful marriage of technology, innovation, design, and functionality.

Nano-Robots in Medicine

I was asked to write an annotated bibliography about an emerging technology.  I decided upon nano-robotics because I was interested in learning what is being studied and written about them and their many uses.  This piece demonstrates my research and analytical skills.  I was able to find credible sources, read complex information, and filter through what might be useful research and what was not applicable to the future research paper.

Skills: Research, Analysis, Sourcing, Technology, Technical Writing

This author predicted the use of nanorobots in certain applications that are in use as of today...

Tony Perkins:

Face the Nation Rhetorical Analysis

This is a rhetorical analysis of a segment that appeared on "Face the Nation" during a debate about the issue of marriage equality.  In essence, I had to analyze the words of Tony Perkins who was arguing against marriage equality.  I had to draw his statements through a variety of rhetorical lenses to validate or invalidate his arguments.  This piece clearly demonstrates my ability to  understand the crafting of words and the art of persuasion and argumentation.

Skills: Research, Analysis, Sourcing, Technology, Technical Writing

... it documents part of a critical case that will change how we define marriage in this nation...

Becoming: Ethnographic Research Study

This an in-depth ethnographic research study on the transgendered community.  I was inspired to research this after watching a documentary called "Southern Comfort" about a trans-man who did not receive adequate healthcare and died from ovarian cancer because physicians either refused to treat him or didn't know how.  I attended the conference that was featured in the film and interviewed a trans-man and a trans-woman.  This piece sheds light on the issues that this sub-culture faces.

Skills: Research, Analysis, Sourcing, Technology, Technical Writing

Ashley strikes me as shy and reserved. She is dressed with meticulous care...

Observations and Analysis: LeBuzz

This was a fascinating project that I had with a small group communications class.  Our job was to identify a sub-culture and to observe them in their environment.  We were to research their communications, including verbal and non-verbal.  This report was our final analysis of our 8 week research.


Skills: Research, analysis, document preparation, writing

The objective for this project was to observe group and interpersonal communication and interaction which exist in an environment.

Exploring the Ethics Of Information Tracking in Modern Technology

There are many ethical issues regarding the use of data collection from mobile devices.  This research paper explores the issues and poses questions about how the data is collected, what information is used and what do people actually know about how they are being tracked by corporations through the use of mobile devices.


Skills: Research, Analysis, Sourcing, Technology, Technical Writing

Technology has come into its own. We are living in a day and age when a human being can be tracked by anyone.

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