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The following are all segments that I helped to write & produce during my internship for WSB TV.


Jeff Cleghorn: HRC’s Dan Bradley Humanitarian Award

Writing for television is like writing in 3-D.  In addition to the visual elements that will be shown on screen (interviewee, background, the subject being passive), you also have to consider the sound (music, sound bites, narration) that is playing in the background.  These things have to support the greater story that you are telling and they are constantly changing throughout the story.  These are stories that I helped to write and produce while I was an intern at WSB-TV in Atlanta.

Skills: Television Production, Interviews, Story Crafting, Visual Conception, Auditory Conception

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American Craft Council Art Show

Police Memorial Mobile Wall

Urban Gardening

American Craft Council Art Show

Gigi's Playhouse

(Down’s Syndrome Center)

African American Voices at Oakland Cemetery

Pat Epps: Aviation Hall of Fame

Pat Epps: Aviation Hall of Fame

Dress of my Dreams

HEAT Energy Assistance Program

Atlanta Boy Choir

Process Pieces

Gigi's Playhouse Script

This is a script/package that shows how I bring the elements together in the production of a segment.

Skills: Television Production, Story Crafting, Interviews, Visual Conception, Auditory Conception

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